Google Scrapbook VR is the result of a design sprint prompt from Google Creative Labs x RIT

Me and a partner were randomly assigned a Google product to use, a technology, and a demographic to design for.

We designed for city dwellers using VR technlogy and Google Photos.

When designing for people who live in cities, we wanted to focus on a common issue all people have, whether it's moving to a new city or away from their homes, homesickness.


4 Weeks, Fall 2019

Creative Direction, Video Editing, Animation, Ideation, Design Sprint

Liza Comley, Kim Abakah

In the US, most major cities have a large population of transplanted residents, people who were born in another city, state or country and later moved for reasons like jobs, education or family.
Moving to a new city can be hard, so how can we help to connect those people to their new homes and their old ones and make a big world feel smaller?
Design a VR experience for city dwellers using Google Photos to help make a big city seem more familiar.

The sprint resulted in a pitch video for our new product: Google Scrapbook.

Google Scrapbook utilizes Google Photos and Google Earth to create a nostalgic walk down memory lane for the user.

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